DIY Wardrobe Updating Projects

Posted on Apr 7, 2013 | 0 comments

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Fashion trends come and go, but we always have to be ready to at least update our wardrobe, if not change it completely. For those of you who like to use your imagination and like to be more creative when it comes to clothing, I have a special post today. I made a compilation of DIY projects and ideas that will help you transform your old, worn off clothes into a true masterpiece. Fashion magazines say that fashion is not only changed by proven designers, but it is changed more by the people, the folk. That’s how street style has appeared and conquered the trends all around the world. And a big part of the street style is actually giving your style and clothes a tough of your own imagination and idea of beauty.

Nail Polish Project:

Have you watched “The Carrie Diaries” yet? If not, turn on your TV and take a look at it right away. This serial, as childish and cheesy as it is, is a perfect example of how street fashion has born. Carrie’s favorite bag is one of the examples how your could turn a ruined dress or shoes into a piece of unique perfection in just some easy steps. The key is to use your imagination and break the boundaries of modern looks by using creative ways to change it trough your own prism of style. So, what is the nail project, you are probably asking. Grab all your nail polishers and put them in a big bowl. Spread some old newspapers on the table and get to business. Use the polish on your jacket, jeans, shoes or just wherever you like.  Sprinkle different colors and experiments with drawing different ornaments.


The Sewing Project:

Some people don’t like it, some people do, but sewing is and will continue to be a great way to upgrade your clothes. We are not talking about difficult tasks that only professionals could do. You could check the tailor shop for inspiration. There are millions of interesting ornaments and things that may come in use when it comes to using a needle and a thread.

Harsh cleaning chemicals could be your friend this season. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different temperatures of water or with different strong detergents. This year the faded, discolored and damaged clothes are back to the top. Cleaners Deer Park advice you to always wear gloves when you are dealing with toxic chemicals, but at least you don’t have to worry about overdosing with

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