Being a designer means more than picking the right colors and finding the perfect pieces of furniture. All that matters, of course and makes a good impression of what the designer does when working with clients. But there is more. There are dozens of tricks that designers can do well on a variety of projects. Helping someone to design or complete homes just part of it.

The trick comes from doing other projects such as staging a house that can be sold or setting up a space for photos or videos. Working on a project like this, the designer quickly learned how to make a place look good for the camera, and how to put it all back the way it was when the film was done. Now some tricks are just great for cropped photos, but others are great you can bring into your own home. One is to know how to handle the small area of ​​crushed carpet that is always left whenever we move a Piece of Furniture that has been in one place for a long time. This marks a problem in taking photos when you are trying to give the appearance that this room is always set up in a way that has styled it. It’s just a problem at home when spring refreshes leave a crater on the carpet to remind you where the furniture is all winter. What to do?

This is really easy, you won’t believe it works! It will be helpful to home tenants and sellers, or to use when rearranging furniture.

Difficulty: Easy

Time required: varies

Here’s How:

  1. Put some ice cubes in a bowl.
  2. Place ice on top of the carpet area on a slab or on a wood -lined place. Place it about 2 inches. (See Tips below. Try SETTING first , and be extra careful if you have hardwood floors in your carpet.)
  1. Let the ice cubes on the carpet for a few hours or overnight, at least until the cubes are completely molded.
  2. Support the carpet to dry.
  3. Vacuum the carpet in the area where you set the ice cube.
  4. The carpet fibers should now be restored to their normal upright position. If they are sitting, use them with your finger tips.
  5. Make ice cubes if necessary.
  6. Please read the important TIP below.


  1. Just try this method first with one ice cube at an inconvenient spot. Lift the carpeted door to see if the water hasn’t damaged the floor below.
  2. Ideal if you have wood floors underneath! The first test to make sure Moisture does not damage the wood!
  3. Do not use this method on hand -dyed rugs, antique rugs, soft or precious rugs, or on fibers that are not suitable for water cleaning.

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