Australian architecture is inspired by an expansive influx of immigrant cultures. Check out a brief about some of the most palatial homes that have long been mesmerizing for the inhabitants of Oz land.

Brick Veneer House

Next only to a traditional double brick house, the rustic look of a brick veneer is a hot favourite since it is a lot cheaper and faster to build. Typically a wood or metal frame holds up the roof, panelling on the inside walls; a skin of bricks is used on the outside to create a look similar to the traditional brick house. The warmth of this house can be enhanced by adding beautiful handmade Persian rugs. In case you are wondering where to get fine quality Persian rugs in Australia, this exclusive collection of elegant hand-knotted Persian rugs is something worthy to check out.

Pool House

The temperate weather experienced in the Northern states of Australia fosters a great deal of outdoor activity. Most of the astounding Australian home layouts are best complemented with a private pool to beat the subtropical heat Australia has to offer; making a pool house one of the most desired houses in Australia.

Terrace House

Terrace houses are one of the most desired types of housing since the 19th Century and became widely prevalent in the cities of Melbourne & Sydney. Due to their proximity to major cities, they are now some of the most sought after living spaces in Australia. These “Filigree Style” buildings feature balconies & veranda spaces ornamented with native Australian flora in their building design

Grandiose House

A majority of the Brisbane population live in extravagant houses that are located in the newer parts of Brisbane. With a great number of historic buildings, Brisbane hosts a rich heritage of Queensland’s history. Inspired by these elaborate historic buildings, a great number of grand houses have become the most sought after houses in Australia.

Glass & Timber House

These houses are specifically designed to take advantage of natural daylight; offering a perfect balance of light, shade, views and privacy for its dwellers. These types of houses are very close to nature due to the excessive usage of locally sourced wood with an addition of just the right quantity of glass fixtures; flaunting the rich natural resources of the country.

Luxury Beachside Penthouse

Penthouses overlooking the beautiful beaches of Australia are desired for the obvious lavishness these penthouses have to offer. Luxury beachside penthouses with spa baths and ocean views are favourite holiday destinations offered for honeymooners and babymoons. Owning one such place would be any house owner’s dream property.

Low-Lying Beachside House

As much as a penthouse, a low-lying beachside house just beside the beach is a much-desired house to stay very close to the sea. Such low-lying beachside houses usually stand connected to the sparkling shoreline of the beach. Typical beachside houses are two-faced; one with a street view and the other with a beach view.