One of the most annoying problems that any household can face is blocked drains. Blocked drains are annoying because they can create a flood in kitchen, washroom or toilet. Along with this, a blocked drain also reduces the longevity and quality of the drain. Thus, clearing blocked drains at an immediate effect is essential. In this article we have mentioned the reasons of blocked drains, signs of blocked drains and importance of clearing blocked drains.

Why Drains Get Blocked?

There are many reasons of blocked drains, and some of those are mentioned below:

  • Drains are filled with hair
  • Soap gets accumulated in drains.
  • Grease and oil gets accumulated in kitchen drains.
  • Tissue papers get stuck in toilet.
  • Dirt and dust seeps in through Broken pipes.
  • Tree roots can block the drains.
  • Small objects can block the drains
  • Mold, mildew and grass can also grow in drains and create blockage.  
  • Mineral build up can also block the drains.

How To Find Out If The Drains Are Blocked?

If you are careful and little alert, then you can figure out that it is the time for clearing blocked drains before they create huge mess. Here are few signs that will tell you that drains are about to get blocked.

  • Water drains out slowly from drains:  One of the most common and initial signs you can find is that water starts flowing slowly from the drains slowly. If there is a constant water blockage and even after using the DIY methods, the flow of drain water does not become normal, then you can go for hiring the best experts.  
  • Bad odor and foul smell from drains:  If your drains are throwing foul smell then you must get the drains cleaned as it is one of the earliest signs of blocked drains.
  • Gurgling sounds from drains:  Another sign that will tell you that it is time for clearing blocked drains is a gurgling sound. This sound comes at initial stage when the blockage in drains start. You can use hot water and baking soda to reduce the gurgling sound in the sink drain, and if the problem persists, then professional intervention becomes necessary.
  • Rise of the water level: Next stage of blocked drains signs is rise of the water level in the toilet. This is when you should be extra careful as after this stage you will find yourself in the mess of blocked drains.
  • Backflow of water: If your kitchen sink, toilet, or washroom is flowing in the backward direction it means you need to go for clearing blocked drains. Back flow of blocked drains results due to negative pressure in the pipe.
  • Walls and flooring are damp and moist:  Are your washroom walls damp, moist or the water is dripping from them? If yes, then it means that any drainpipe of is either broken or blocked.

Why Is Clearing Blocked Drains Essential?

There are many reasons of clearing blocked drains that are mentioned below:

  • Blocked drains can contaminate your clean water system and cause serious illness.
  • Blocked drains create bacteria and virus and thus are reason of health issues.
  • Blocked drains can damage walls and flooring, they can also impact foundation and structure of the house.
  • Blocked drains impact the appearance of house negatively and they also reduce its resale value.
  • If blocked drains are ignored for long period, then they may demand heavy repairs and huge cost.

These are some of the essential lists of things that you must know about blocked drains and clearing blocked drains. If the blockage is at initial stage, you can clean them yourself but in case it has become a major issue then you will need to hire a proper plumber who is trained in clearing blocked drains.