Choosing a colour theme for your home can be tough, given the multitude of choices – there are after all thousands of paint colours (and combinations) out there.  Getting it right is imperative as colour sets the mood for the interiors and exterior of your home. So how to choose and make sure the colour palette you select is right?

Get Colour Inspired!

Ultimately your home should reflect your personality – so the first step is to make sure you are comfortable with whatever colours you choose. We are lucky to have colour inspiration all around us – from more obvious sources such as paint shops and colour wheels to glossy interior magazines and thousands of blogs and websites. To help you narrow your options take sample pots and colour samples home. Experiment under different light conditions and they will give you a real sense if they are right for your space. If you are interested in trends then check out what global colour authority Pantone has to say – everyone who matters in fashion and interior design does.

Colour & Mood

Individual colours have very definite associations, so it is worth knowing what these are before you make your mind up. Varieties of blue are supposedly the best hue for bedrooms as they enhance sleep – think calm, serene – great for encouraging your heart rate to slow and blood pressure to ease. Brighter colours like red or orange are considered stimulating, so might work on a feature wall or used sparingly for accents. Fyi, caramel is apparently the go-to colour for greater intimacy in the bedroom…

Shades of White

You might baulk at the thought of painting your interiors white – but a light colour palette will make your room/home feel infinitely lighter and more spacious. It is also easier to decorate around this relatively blank canvas. And with numerous shades of white to choose from – everything from stark whites to creams and beiges – the only issue you may have is deciding which is right for you! If you are afraid of disappearing in a sea of beige, use bold feature colours for accents and feature walls.

Get Colour Help

Consider a colour consultation – they are professionals, typically with a background in interior design, who will come to your home armed with all sorts of great ideas. For a relatively modest sum they can give some real direction and creative inspiration. They will come up with a colour palette for your room/home – three or four complementary colours that can be used throughout.