A curtain that is unexpectedly dirty with outside air, mould, dust, etc. I’m curious, but many people don’t know how to wash it and leave it alone.

This time, I will explain while trying how to wash the super-easy curtains that are washed in the washing machine at home. In addition, we have summarized how to wash the curtain, such as how to remove mould from the curtain and how to dry it without wrinkles!

  • How many times a year should the curtain be washed?
  • Surprisingly easy! How to wash the curtain 
  • Surprisingly easy! How to wash the curtain 
  • How to wash the curtain when removing the hook
  • How to wash the curtain when soaking
  • How to wash the curtain when using a coin laundry
  • How to wash blinds and shade curtains
  • Points to keep the curtain clean

How many times a year should the curtain be washed?

Have you ever thought about how often you wash your curtains? Common to the draped curtain in the year once, lace curtain in the year two to three times it is said that a good wash as a guide.

Washing large curtains can be a hassle, but if left untreated, mites and mould can grow and cause illness and odours! It can be said that the curtains in all rooms should be washed at least once a year.

Surprisingly easy! How to wash the curtain 

I tried the easiest way to wash the curtain as far as I researched, so I will introduce it with some tips and points.

Check the washing display on the curtain

First, check the washing label on the curtain in the same way as clothes.

The drape curtain in my house was marked with this “weak treatment is possible with a washing machine at a water temperature of 40 degrees or less, so it’s OK to wash in the washing machine.

Curtains that can be washed at home are only those marked.

In particular, please note that there are cases where organdy lace, linen, curtains with a light-shielding function, etc.

The washing method of the curtain differs depending on the material and processing method. Carefully check the contents of the handling pictogram label sewn on the curtain before washing.

We recommend that you check the washing label for each product at major curtain shops.

Remove dust from the curtain

The key to cleaning the curtain is to clean it off before putting it in the washing machine. Vacuum the dust before removing it from the curtain rail, or leave it dry on the balcony after removing it.

Remove mould from the Curtain

If there is a black spot on the back of the curtain, it is a black mould! Here’s how to wash the mould on the curtain, which is a good thing to do before putting it in the washing machine.

  • Dry the curtain well with a hairdryer etc.
  • Spray a mould killer on the mould part of the curtain and cover it with an unnecessary towel etc.
  • Turn it over and rub it from the back with a brush soaked in laundry detergent. 

To some extent, mould on the curtain can be transferred to a towel.

If the towel is black like this, the mould has been successfully removed from the curtain and the pretreatment is complete!

By the way, in the case of too bad mould stains, soaking and washing are effective, so please take a look at those that will be described later.

Surprisingly easy! How to wash the curtain

Since the theme is “I want to wash the curtains easily”, I tried to refer to how to wash the curtains without removing the hook and without the net.

How to fold the curtain 

  • Fold the top twice so that the hook is involved
  • Wrap the curtain sideways
  • Put the upper part of the curtain together with rubber
  • If you can make it like this, go to the washing machine as it is without putting it in the net

 How to wash the curtain in the washing machine

Please set the washing machine course to fashionable clothes and blankets.

I decided to set the dehydration time to 1 minute on the blanket course of the drum-type washing machine and take it out in the middle. 

Since there is a deodorizing effect put the baking soda, this time in addition to the laundry detergent and fabric softener baking soda put in, I decided to wash the curtain with warm water washing.

When I washed the curtain in the washing machine, the colour of the water was dangerous and rumoured, so when I took a peek at the way it was completely sewage! It’s a little scary to think that this was swaying in the wind with an unscrupulous face.

How to dry the Curtain

Easy way to wash the curtain The last part of the explanation is how to dry it.

You can hang it on the original curtain rail and let it air dry. The ease of keeping the hook on is also demonstrated here.

The weight of the water will increase wrinkles and shrinkage to some extent, but if you are concerned about itstretch it by hand while it is still wet.

By the way, the draped curtain, which is dehydrated only a little, is very heavy. For the author, this work was the most troublesome in the verification of how to wash the curtain.

Also, since the moisture in the curtain is at a level that will drip into the room, it is recommended to put a bath mat or newspaper underneath.

I tried an easy way to wash it, but the mould and dirt on the curtains were cleaned and the finish was satisfactory!

How to wash the curtain when removing the hook

Use a laundry net to wash when removing the hook.

  • Remove all hooks from the curtain
  • Fold vertically along the pleats in a bellows shape
  • Put in a large net 

Dehydration time to wash in a washing machine dry course or fashionable clothes washing course Shortening and drying is the same as with a hook.