What means to choose to really work and be safe for humans? Let’s talk today in this article.

From early spring to late autumn, plants in the country are attacked by all kinds of pests. In the fight against herbivorous “predators”, some summer residents use chemicals and do not even suspect that together with their enemies they destroy soil, beneficial insects and animals. Let’s talk about 5 proven pest control products and explain how to use them.

Remember! When dealing with pests, it is important not to destroy beneficial insects!


Experienced gardeners consider it to be one of the best. Russian biological product of the latest generation. Suitable for the destruction of most pests on vegetables, fruit and berry crops in the open field and in greenhouses. Effective in the fight against more than 20 species of insects: Colorado potato beetle, aphids, thrips, moth, sawfly, leafworm, herbivorous mites, nematodes, mealy worms, etc.

The product in the form of a clear liquid must be diluted with water (1 ml / 1 l). Consumption depends on the type of plants and the degree of infestation. For example, for the destruction of the Colorado potato beetle 4 ml is required, processing of tomatoes – 10 ml, cabbage – 14 ml of Fitoverma per 100 m2. The remains of the solution are thrown away, like the gloves in which the work was carried out. All work is carried out in the early morning or late evening.

To prevent direct sunlight from burning the plants, the treatment is best done in the morning or in the evening.

The product must not be mixed with other pest medications. You need to work with him in dry, calm weather. The result appears after 6-8 hours indoors and 8-16 hours outdoors. Fitoverm is harmless to humans, but it is better to wait 72 hours before eating the fruits of the processed plant.

  • Pros : no chemicals, no effect on fruits, safe for humans, large selection of packaging (from 2 ml to 5 l), suitable for many crops.
  • Cons : sharp unpleasant odor, easily washed off by rain, does not mix with other agents, can harm beneficial insects, short term of protection.

Insecticide “Aktara”

A universal remedy for most pests. Fast-acting Swiss agent against insect pests and their larvae. Suitable for almost all plants and crops in the country. Available in the form of a liquid concentrate, water-soluble granules and tablets. The finished solution of the drug is applied at the root during watering, sprayed onto the plants, the seedlings are soaked in it, the seeds and tubers are treated before planting.

“Aktara” is effective against weevils, flea beetles, Colorado beetles, thrips, bedbugs and other pests. The substance is deadly for bees, therefore it is not suitable for the owners or neighbors of bee apiaries. For humans, the drug is harmless, because the substance does not accumulate in the fruits of plants.

Processing is recommended late in the evening. The drug begins to act in 4-6 hours. Protection lasts 2-3 weeks after spraying or 1.5-2 months after application to the soil. Aktar can be combined with other insecticides.

  • Pros : odorless, choice of release forms, practically universal, economical consumption, after 2 hours after treatment it is not washed off by rain.
  • Cons : Very toxic to bees.


Insecticide with a “live” composition, known since the 80s of the last century. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that there is no active substance in it. The basis of the drug is made up of bacterial spores, which are fatal to pests. It is produced in powder form and packed in bags of 10-100 grams.

The maximum toxicity falls on the most dangerous pests: the Colorado potato beetle, moth, spider mite. The drug seriously reduces the fertility of females, thereby reducing the viability of the next generations. But the drug does not work on the eggs of insect pests.

Before spraying, the powder is diluted in water, and low-fat milk is added to improve the effect. On the second day after treatment, a decrease in the number of pests is observed, and a week later, their complete disappearance. The product does not harm bees and other beneficial insects. The protective effect lasts more than 20 days.

  • Pros : does not accumulate in plants, can be used during the flowering period, long period of action, 100% destruction of pests,   safe for bees.
  • Cons : unpleasant odor, does not affect insect eggs, is washed off by rain, ineffective for aphids.  

Etisso Blattlaus-Sticks

German fertilizer in the form of sticks nourishes plants and reliably protects them from all types of harmful insects: aphids, whiteflies, weevils, scale insects, ticks, leaf lice, etc.The sticks are placed at a distance of 6-8 cm from the stem of the plant at a depth of 5 cm, and then sprinkled with earth. The active substance of the agent dissolves during watering, is absorbed by the roots and transported through the juice throughout the entire ground part of the plant. The first results are visible within a few days. The effect of protection and at the same time nutrition lasts for 6-8 weeks – during this time the sticks completely dissolve in the ground.

  • Pros : Double acting, ready to use, long lasting protection.
  • Cons : more suitable for ornamental and floral crops, relatively high price.

Protective spray LeafCoat BioBizz

Dutch product against pests with natural latex in the composition. When spraying plants, latex forms a thin protective layer on their vegetative part, which nourishes the leaves and protects them from the attacks of pests. Light and air can freely penetrate through the latex. Such protection lasts on plants for about 2 weeks.

LeafCoat BioBizz is an organic product and is an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides. It not only repels pests, but also prevents the growth of mold on plants. It is recommended to spray the product early in the morning or late in the evening, but in no case in active daylight.

  • Pros : finished product, pleasant smell, versatile.
  • Cons : short duration, relatively high cost.

Let’s summarize what you need to control pests

  1. Insecticide Fitoverm should be chosen if you want the fastest possible destruction of pests in open and closed ground. Not suitable for humid climates and rainy weather. It is applied by spraying. Has a strong unpleasant odor. 
  2. Insecticide Aktara is an excellent remedy against insect pests, but only when there are no bees nearby (the drug is extremely toxic for them). The substance is sprayed or applied at the root. Does not wash away with rain. Does not accumulate in fruits. Has a neutral odor.
  3. Bitoxibacillin effectively kills pests, reduces the fertility of females, and reduces the viability of the next generations. Does not destroy insect eggs and has little effect on aphids.
  4. Etisso Blattlaus-Sticks are more suitable for flower and decorative crops. Nourishes and at the same time protects plants from pests. Suitable for the destruction of all types of insects. They do not require preliminary preparation and preparation.
  5. LeafCoat BioBizz Spray is a highly organic product with a pleasant scent. It fights not only pests, but also prevents the development of mold on plants. Forms a latex film on the leaves, which easily allows air and light to pass through. Protection lasts about 2 weeks.

 We wish you a big harvest!