Washing curtains is certainly not the most exciting of household chores, but it doesn’t necessarily have to become a nightmare. In fact, a few simple precautions are enough to free the curtains from dust and dirt and give them the role they deserve in the furnishing of our most expensive rooms. Let’s see how to do it.

Why you should wash curtains?

Regular cleaning is the best weapon to free curtains and accessories from the most disparate threats. First of all, there is the dust, which accumulates and causes allergies, not to mention the bacteria that populate any surface. Depending on where they are placed, the curtains can then absorb steam, nicotine and cooking fumes. In these cases, washing the curtains not only serves to guarantee their hygiene but also to prevent the fabrics from staining and deteriorating.

How many times a year do you have to wash the curtains

To understand how often to wash curtains you need to consider your lifestyle habits. As is natural, if the curtains are in dusty and overloaded environments, or where you smoke and cook a lot, they tend to get dirty faster. Having said that, it is a good idea to wash the curtains in the house at least three times a year. Better to avoid too cold and humid periods and choose warm and sunny days, so as to allow the curtains to dry quickly and prevent mould or bad smells from forming.

How to wash curtains by hand

With a little care and elbow grease, you can avoid dry cleaning curtains in the laundry and get good results at home too. If the information on the label does not clarify all doubts, it is worthwhile to see how to wash the curtains by hand, always taking care not to rub the stains and just dab them.

Pure linen curtains

Washing linen curtains by hand helps preserve their textures. The procedure is simple: you start by filling the tub with cold water and leaving the folded tent to soak. After eight hours, the tub can be emptied, filled with lukewarm water and washed with a specific neutral detergent, gently passing a soft brush. The curtain must then be rinsed and spread without wringing, in order to stretch thanks to the weight of the water.

Silk curtains

Given the extreme delicacy of the fabric, it is essential to consult the label before washing a silk curtain. Dry cleaning is often recommended, but hand washing is still possible. In these cases, immerse it neatly in cold water without letting it soak, using a special detergent and avoiding rubbing and wringing it. After rinsing with cold water, pat it dry with a towel and spread it out from above.

Cotton curtains

Washing cotton curtains in the washing machine is simple and convenient, but if you prefer hand washing, a tub of warm water and a glass of white vinegar are enough. The latter is an excellent natural detergent, preserves the texture of the fabric and the vividness of the colours and replaces the softener. After rinsing, just roll out the curtain carefully, avoiding squeezing it.

How to wash curtains in the washing machine

Whether you are talking about blackout, panel or bag curtainswashing the curtains in the washing machine is simple and safe: just follow the instructions on the labels and some basic rules. As for hand washing, even for washing in the washing machine the needs of the fabrics help to understand how to wash the curtains without ruining textures and colors. Folding the tent neatly before putting it in the washing machine and choosing half-load cycles to encourage the action of water is the first step.

Cotton curtains

No special precautions are required to wash a cotton curtain in the washing machine. Before unhooking it is always useful to pass the vacuum cleaner for a first cleaning, then fold it and put it in the basket. You have to choose a delicate cycle at 30 ° or 40 °, in the case of white curtains, and use a detergent for delicate clothes. Alternatively, you can use a glass of vinegar, useful for cleaning and revitalizing the tissues.

Linen curtains

To wash linen curtains in the washing machine, a variety of fabrics must be considered. In the case of brushed linen, it is advisable to choose a delicate program at 40 ° with spinning at 400 revolutions. For linen mixed with wool, it is better to limit yourself to 30 ° and spin at 400 revolutions. 30 ° is also ideal for crumpled linen, with an 800 rpm centrifuge. Finally, for the linen cloth, a delicate 40 ° program should be chosen and spinning avoided. In all cases, opt for a neutral detergent, with the addition of bicarbonate in case of persistent stains on light curtains.

Curtains of nylon or similar synthetic fabrics

Hand washing is more suitable for nylon, acetate or synthetic fibre curtains, but if machine washed they require a delicate program at 30 ° without spinning. In most cases, curtains of this type do not absorb much water, so it is better to use a little detergent and a delicate type, to avoid too much foam. If the curtains are transparent, you can replace the detergent with water and vinegar.

How to make curtains dry properly

The centrifuged curtains must be hung up while still damp so that they dry without creases. Those washed by hand or without spinning, on the other hand, must first dispose of as much water and therefore must be spread in the shade and from above. If despite the precautions there are still some creases, it can be ironed with a jet of steam directed from a distance of at least 20 centimetres. Nothing too tiring, after all, to restore to the curtains all the character that we at La Redoute look for in each of our furnishing accessories.

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