With the arrival of spring, it is easy to come across specimens of bees or wasps which can sometimes be numerous and infest various types of environments including roofs, windows, balconies, terraces, gardens or outdoor spaces. It takes very little to recognize them due to their annoying buzz and very often these much-feared insects can turn into a real threat, for example in the presence of a  bees’ nest.

Furthermore, these species go in search of the most hidden corners to form their nest and reproduce, therefore it is quite rare that bees can build a hive near a house but it is not a phenomenon to be excluded.

If you come across a honeycomb it is important to know how to recognize these insects and be well informed about their habits. What to do in the presence of bees’ nests? How to drive away bees without harming them since they are protected animals? Who to contact if you are looking for Major Pest Control in Melbourne?

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Honeycomb: how to recognize a beehive?

The hives of bees generally have the size quite large and in most cases are constructed in cool areas away from sources of moisture. Unfortunately, however, it can also happen that bees prefer some urban areas to form their nests such as cavities, roofs, pipes or garbage bins.

To be able to identify beehives it is good to know their characteristics in-depth: first of all, bees begin to build nests with the arrival of spring and these are composed of a series of cells joined together by a sort of wax, a substance that is naturally produced by this insect to welcome the larvae and promote their development.

An essential element to make sure that it is a  honeycomb is the presence of honey inside it, a real alarm bell that confirms that you are in front of a honeycomb.

If there is no trace of honey but it is suspected, however, that it is a bee nest is good to be informed of the remedies against the bees and what to do and who revolvers i.

Major Pest Control: how to contact them?

When you are in front of a honeycomb it is good not to underestimate this situation to avoid unpleasant consequences. In these cases, it is recommended to contact a  professional Pest Control who has the right skills to deal with this problem.

We must not forget that bees are protected insects, therefore they must not be killed and do-it-yourself remedies should be avoided in the presence of numerous specimens. Beware of anyone who offers you a bee disinfestation because you are breaking the law and risking hefty fines!

However, it is important to consider that the presence of a single hive can attract hundreds of specimens, so this possibility must never be neglected.

What are the services performed by Major Pest Control in Melbourne?

Major Pest Control is a professional who nurtures all the skills and knowledge necessary to take care of a honeycomb. This figure deals with the breeding and harvesting of the fruits produced by these insects, such as honey and wax.

Among the Major Pest Controls that you can find on our site, there are only professionals who take care of several hives at the same time to safeguard this protected species.

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In this regard, to implement a bee disinfestation service it is not possible to contact a disinfestation company since it is an operation that can only be performed by a Major Pest Control as long as they are not wasps.

An expert Major Pest Control in Melbourne will take care of safeguarding the bees that will be taken with specific systems and special protection tools for the swarms of bees, after which he will proceed to remove the nest.